Problem re-submitting package for approval

I have a package that underwent the first round review and came back requesting some changes be made. I made the changes and added some additional material and took some new screen caps. I added the new pics to the submission and revised the text to reflect the revisions and hit the ‘save’ button. Then I hit ‘submit’. The page refreshed and everything seemed to be OK. I went back to check on the submission and found that it had thrown out all of the updates I spent and hour entering and revising. This is not the first time this has happened. So the question is how do be sure that the changes are actually accepted and not just being thrown out as fast as I hit the submit button?

If I recall correctly a green band appears at the bottom of the page once everything is saved and successfully submitted, did you see that? I’ve had something happen to be like what you described but it was when that color didn’t appear from what I noticed.

Actually, I don’t remember seeing the green band. I do recall that all the sections had the green check mark before hitting submit. Apparently, the save button doesn’t do anything.

Well I spend an hour recomposing the updated submission to marketplace and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Once again, not much happened. The page sorta refreshes, but if you try to leave the page, it says it has not been saved. Attempting to save does nothing. I’m not sure what to do here. The submit page seems to be broken.

Hey Whammy,

Could you submit a support ticket to the site below with some additional info? This will allow us to better investigate and help you. Please make sure you use the Type: Bug Report.

Make sure to take some screenshots of the completed submission page before you attempt to submit it.

Then get log file:

  1. Navigate to the page in which issue occurs (Edit Product page)
  2. Fill out all fields and click SAVE CHANGES
  3. Press F12
  4. In the newly-spawned DevTools window, click the Console tab
  5. In the whitespace below the messages in that window, right-click and select “Save as…” and choose a location to save the resulting .log
  6. Zip that .log with your screenshots and attach it to your case

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I was able to get it to submit by incrementally saving after updating each section individually and by not doing any previews until after the submit button was completed. Unfortunately I didn’t see your instructions posted above until after I had already made the submission, so I’m unable to gather the logs.

That’s not a problem, I’m just glad you got it working. If you or anyone else have this problem again, please follow the steps above and send us a support case.


Once again, attempting to submit to marketplace is resulting in a fight. I hit the submit button and it goes grey for a while, then comes back after a minute or so with no results to show for it. The F12 console has this error in it:

XML Parsing Error: no root element found
Line Number 1, Column 1: product:1:1
Unhandled promise rejection Error: “Request failed with status code 504”
exports polyfill.epic-seller-portal-frontend-1d5bacf03b50cf35c36f3de76af11157.js:2:25229

We encountered the same issue many times, seems common. The green bar works well. If it’s displayed, then the save has actually been working well. However, in many cases, it does not appear. Usually I fill in everything, copy everything to notepad because I know it’ll fail after spending long time on the page, I press save just to try my luck, not surprisingly it can’t save ever (same in Create and Edit page), then I go to the form again, copy-paste everything fast, and voila, save is successful.

I started saving my text to notepad as well. I’ve been burned by this a number of times and you do get tired of re-typing everything. What seems to be happening is that there’s a session timer that’s timing out while you enter your text. My guess is the timer starts when you upload the pictures and then it’s a race to enter the text and hit save/submit before it times out. This could explain why incremental saving worked since hitting save may reset the session.

Well, it’s strange, because the session itself is not expired (you stay logged in). My first thought was an expired CSRF token, or something similar, but next time I’m on the form, I’ll check HTTP and JavaScript consoles.


We are aware of an issue causing this and our developers are investigating a solution. We hope to have this resolved in the near future.


I’m having this exact same problem right now. This is incredibly frustrating.

I have the same problem, but i fix it by deleting some enter keys on TECHNICAL INFORMATION.
Here is the log of my chrome about the problem: