Problem quality - Sprite Paper 2D


I have a problem:
The quality of the image in a 2d project (paper 2d) is lower than the quality of the original image.
How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you

no one? :slight_smile:

i have the same problem like that when play


In the texture details panel by setting the Mip Gen Settings to No MipMaps this should help.

Let me know if this doesn’t work on your end.


Hi Tim

thank you for your help and sorry for late reply.
If I change Mip Gen Settings to MipMaps, the image seems better but not as the original one.

Is there anything else that I can do?

Thank you

Hi Mad,

Try changing the material on the sprite component from a masked one to a translucent one (either make a new one, or turn on ‘Show plugin content’ in the view options menu to see the default one in the Paper2D plugin). Right now (as of 4.4) for flipbooks, you have to do this on the instances, and there is no way to make the preview look correct in the flipbook editor, but that’s fixed in 4.5, which lets you set the material on the flipbook asset directly.

Michael Noland

For reference:

In this case, it looks like you’ve got a few white edge pixels that have a really low alpha value.

Masked means that alpha is treated like a binary mask, values below the threshold are treated as 0, and values above are treated as 1. Objects rendered with a masked material can block other pixels and are generally faster than translucent draws on desktop GPUs (tiled GPUs in mobile don’t care). They also don’t have any special sorting issues, but they don’t look good if you have an actual gradient in alpha.

Translucent lets you have arbitrary alpha values, but it opens you up to sorting issues, etc…, but it’s the right choice for any sprites that have translucent regions or smooth gradients.

Opaque is the fastest of all, but it draws every pixel exactly from the source texture and totally ignores alpha. This is useful for shapes that have nice sharp edges on a square grid and can help with fill rate issues, but it’s usually easier to use the Diced mode for render geometry if you want to cut out large solid areas, rather than do it manually.

Michael Noland

thank you for the info Michael :wink:
and sorry …I had not seen the answer.

Is the translucent material still in 4.10? I can’t seem to find it even with engine content turned on

Maybe the problem is that the resolution of the editor is lower than your actual monitor resolution?

Hi, my take on this, if you set texture group to 2D pixels unfiltered you should be able to see it like the original…