Problem, Physics Asset - Default physics bodies are snapping to Kinematic ones when simulation is on

Hi! I’m adding simulated bones to animated skeletal mesh for a first time and having some problems with it. I’ll be very grateful for help.

I’m trying to set dangling ears on a character. I have “Head” bone which is a parent of “EarBase” bone. Bodies for both have Physics Type set to Kinematic. Then I have a chain of “Ear” bones parented to “EarBase”. Physics of each body in the chain is set to Default. “Ear” and “EarBase” bodies are connected with angular constraints set to Limited. The problem is that, when I’m running a simulation, first non-kinematic bone in the chain is snapped to the “Head” bone (I’ve tested it by switching between Default and Kinematic for each of them).

Thanks in advance!