problem painting a landscape

Hi devs i want to paint with beach texture a piece of my landscape i see some tut but i don’t understand how to do that, i see that i had to create a layer to assign a particle material and painting , i followed the official docum so i assigned grass material to my landscape but i can’t create layersImmagine.jpg

Would be more helpful if you showed us the Material <3

do you mean the material params?

The whole Landscape Material you used from the docs, because I think something is fishy is about the Layers/Blending notes.

i follow this doc but i’ve assigned the m_grass of the getstarted contents material instead of the doc material :slight_smile:

So… where is the Material from Step 4. You are only showing us the editor, I want to see the notes of your material M_Grass in the Material Editor <3

Immagine.png this material editor

Here is a good video that should help you.
I went through this sometime ago and worked good to make a terrain and paint it with multiple textures.

I am not sure, but I think these bake so performance is not a issue if they do.
Although it is tricky, I had to repaint some areas multiple times to get them to paint correctly because of the black squares.
Thinking it has something to do with the alpha map layering that is being done under the scene… IE… some maps may need to be painted multiple layers to blend right.
So you may have to paint grass, then dirt, then path or something in order for them all to work together correctly for the alpha map.

Overall though, it works good once you get past the black square issues.

hi stack_overflow i added from flowgraph the layerblend and now i got the menu in the paint landscape section now i will follow all tutorial to set the texture thati want use for paint thank you very much, is a little bit annoying work with flowgraph hope that in future ue devs can improve a really usefull menu where i can direclty choose the texture and use it :slight_smile:

still have problem, i’ve added a layerblend to my grass then i choosed from paint landscape menu the sand texture that i want but i can’t paint on ita043ae3e486edcbf5e3ebeb703f44775e83f20c1.jpeg

You have to connect the node to the rest of your material.

Solved :wink: ]]]