Problem packaging my map

Hi, I’m new in UE4 and I’m having a hard time packaging my map for Windows. I started with the BP-TPS project then created my own level and started building. The packaging and cooking part went well(after a few problems with Visual Studio), but the map that show up when I run the application is the example map and I want it to be the map that I created. I tried changing all the default maps in the Packaging settings but it didn’t change anything. Then I tried to delete all the other maps except my own and now when I run the application it shows up a black windowed screen and then closes. Can somebody help me?

I have the same problem, I deleted all the content of the sample blueprint office map and built my own stuff (messing around/learning). I wanted to package everything to see if it would get better frames per second than the “play as standalone” option. When I did that, everything I deleted still was there! The blueprint office unaffected, all post process settings back to default. Let me know if you figure this out.

Edit: Found the answer here:Why won't my packaged game play my level? - UE4 AnswerHub

Basically you have to save your map first, then select it as the default map under file > package project > packaging settings > maps and modes. (then click set as default up top) Next time you build the package it will be updated to your project.

Problem solved. Thx man.