Problem: "OnClicked" actors work when I use "Play from Here" but not "Play"

Hi all, fist a big thank you to everyone who has so diligently answered questions on this forum. It has been invaluable and I have learned a lot, but recently come across a problem I can’t seem to fix.

I am making a puzzle game in which doors open if actors are either “clicked” or “unclicked”. Basically I set variables for them and then check to see if the bool is true or false. Too easy?

The problem is I have certain Actors which simply won’t “activate” so to speak. They are set up exactly like other actors in the level. They use the same basic sphere, same material, same level blueprint setup. I have “enable click events” checked in my Player Controller and also a “Event Begin Play” -->Enable Click Events node setup.

So ALL of the other puzzles work fine. However the ONLY way I can get these two actors to react on OnClick is to use the Play from Here option. If I just use “Play” from the start of the level, no dice.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for all your help!

Just an update. For some reason a trigger box (collision) I have in the level does exactly the same thing. If I use “play from here” the animation triggers just fine. If I use “play” and run through the level TO the trigger, it fails to fire.

Also - and this seems bananas to me:

Everything works just fine when I have the Character Blueprint open. If I Compile, Save and close it, nothing works again. Literally just having it open in the editor is fixing the problem, no other changes.

If anyone comes across this, I may have found a solution.

My project has been transferred multiple times between a home computer and a work computer (work computer doesn’t have internet access) and I think something in the engine may have been corrupted.

I copied the project back to my home computer, clicked the drop-down arrow on the 14.0.0 icon, and chose “Verify.”

After verification it seems that the problem fixed itself. I will update again again if something else comes along.