Problem on "Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5" video

Hi everyone,

I’m new to UE5 and this forum. So I want to follow the video " Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5" available here.

But I’m having a problem changing the color of my AI-controlled bot. In the material, I converted the color to parameter. In the BP_Bot, at Construction Script, I add a Create Dynamic Material Instance node with my mesh in target. After that I add a Set Vector Parameter Value with return value of previously node in Target, Parameter name is changing with my parameter name in the material. But, when I change the color, my bot wan’t to change his color.

Can you help me ?

Thanks you !

PS : Sorry if my english isn’t very well, I’m french :sweat_smile:

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Hi Maximini,

I had a similar problem.

In M_BotBase > Material Graph, I had accidentally used a Constant3Vector for the gray parameter, and changing it to a VectorParameter fixed the orange to blue color. I do not know why that worked, but it did.

Hi maximini441! Nice to meet you. I plan to follow this video very soon, the moment i find an answer
i will tell you . I happen to speak French fluently, so feel free to contact me if needed

By the way, on the same project, my robot walking animation works only for a few steps. afterwards the robot keeps moving in a frozen position. Edit: For some reason after keep following the tutorial it fixed itself.
For the colours, for now i am experiencing the same issue as you. Even if the change is done and alliable, it’s just not visible.
Changing everything to parameter didn’t fixed it for me

@maximini441, make sure the color is actually named “color”. you can rename it, and in the tutorial, he says so briefly so it’s easy to miss. for me it fixed the problem. 54:38 on the video.