Problem on hitevent


I’m facing with on component hit event.

I want when BladeKnight hit on component hit staticmesh, I get test print string.

With my blueprint not display nothing.

OnComponentHit = NewBlueprint1 (Static mesh)
BladeKnight = weapon (Skeletal mesh)

Check attachment.

Thanks for your help.


Do both meshes have collisions?

Do you mean collission (box collission)? I think box collision I don’t need but I have tried and still nothing. I used block all, still the same…

I think EvilCleric meant for this:

Open mesh for adding simplified collision for the sword.

I have tried too.

Check my all code. In sword not possible to add collision because is skeletal mesh and is in on blueprint.

If I were you I would try changing object type to weapon for sword and physicsbody to cube.

In the sword BP, select skel mesh and set the collision presets to PhysicsActor.


I have checked now what can is problem. Problem is with my static mesh. I have tried to make with this example: and works, problem is if I add my sword instead of ball. Also my static mesh simulate physics is disabled if used my static mesh, if used ball with the same blue print is enabled.
How is that possible?