Problem modifying dino loot drops

SOLVED: Read below!

I am trying to modify dinos so that they drop some kind of loot but have ran into a weird problem.

When modifying the inventory dropped on death it doesnt seem to work. The dino drops an inventory but it is always empty.
Dino extra default inventory items, if I add items there, it works.
Is there some kinda setting that restricts inventories to only drop from specific dinos somewhere?

SOLUTION: There seem to be few parts to why you cannot simply modify and test your inventory changes / loot drops.
1: Remapping dinos, changing their dropped inventories on death does not work in single player games! So you cannot test this locally, you need to host a non dedicated server atleast. Else you will only see empty inventories.
2: Dinos will not drop loot if killed after unconcious, and sometimes will not drop loot if killed by fists.
3: And most importantly, it does NOT work when cooked to a test folder. I had to acctualy cook and upload it to steam, subscribe to it, and host a multiplayer game for it to work.

This is probably a question to the devs, what is the reason behind this? No problem testing give items on death, locally… Seems a bit odd.