problem making new morter and pestle

Hi I followed the steps listed here

  1. Open up TestMap.umap in the Ark Dev Kit
  2. Create a new folder in Mods (if you don’t already have one made for what you are working on) and move the three files you have been working with there (or start them from scratch again like step 3).
  3. Create a child (right click > create blueprint based on this) of the following blueprints: PlayerControllerBlueprint, StructurePlacerBlueprint, PrimalGameData_BP, TestGameMode and move each new child you create to your folder in Mods. Easiest way to find these blueprints is to select the Game root folder, and use the right text field (it says Search Game) for the above blueprints.
  4. Click Settings > World Settings or go to the panel on the lower right and select World Settings
  5. Change Primal Game Data Override to your new PrimalGameData_BP_Child blueprint.
  6. Change GameMode Override to your new TestGameMode_Child blueprint.
  7. Open PrimalGameData_BP_Child and change Master Item List #107 to be your new PrimalItemStructure_MortarAndPestle_Child and change Engram Blueprint Classes #21 to be your new EngramEntry_MortarAndPestle_Child then compile and save.
  8. Open TestGameMode_Child and change Player Controller Class to be your new PlayerControllerBlueprint_Child then compile and save.
  9. Open PlayerControllerBlueprint_Child and change Structure Placer Class to be your new StructurePlacerBlueprint_Child then compile and save.
  10. Open StructurePlacerBlueprint_Child and add an element to the Placeable Structures list to be your new MortarAndPestle_Child then compile and save.
  11. Open EngramEntry_MortarAndPestle_Child and change Blue Print Entry to be your new PrimalItemStructure_MortarAndPestle_Child then compile and save.
  12. Open PrimalItemStructure_MortarAndPestle_Child, make any changes you wished to do, change Structure to Build to be your new MortarAndPestle_Child then compile and save.
  13. Open MortarAndPestle_Child, make any changes you wished to do, then compile and save.
  14. Click Play this level in the active editor view port (if you are loading large maps you will want to instead use the Standalone option) and test if everything works.

made child of all the parts moved them into a mod folder , when testing i can learn the engram i can make the morter and pestle, even select it and click use item but the green placement icon never shows up.
Is there a step that i am missing

If you are unable to place the object then somewhere reference chain for the structure Placer blueprint there is something wrong. Try right clicking and viewing the reference viewer on the mortar and pestle (the one that has a 3d model) and make sure that it is referenced by (left side) your structure Placer blueprint, then recenter on the Placer blueprint and make sure it is referenced by your player controller blueprint, recenter on player controller blueprint and make sure it is referenced by your test game mode blueprint, recenter on test game mode and make sure it is referenced by your map. Then after all that ensure that your test environment is loading the test game mode. If you still have problems there is an additional reference in I think game data blueprint for the test game mode that may be required.

Hi thanks for the help first time using unreal didnt know to use the reference stuff. I have now managed to get it working and placeable in hte editer play button game. But having issues tryingto get to get it to goto a generic mod so i can load into ark normal

Did you read the note on line 16 of that pastebin? That is specifically for setting up the map as a generic mod. After that you just make sure everything your mod changed is in its mod folder, you click steam upload, select the mod (leaving the auto filled unappealing unless you are doing something special) , cook, fill out descriptions, and upload. If you have steam guard on your account you may run in to problems where you have to authenticate the uploaded. If it doesn’t have a pop-up you’ll go to mod tools find and run steam cmd type “login username password” without quotes and replacing username and password with your credentials. After it logs in it’ll ask for your steam guard code, enter that and then exit. You’ll be able to upload after that.

Should I remap PlayerControllerBlueprint and the StructurePlacerBlueprint in PrimalGameData_BP? And if I have to do it, where should I remap them?

My mortar works now but I edited the PrimalItemResource_ChitinPaste Only the stack part and now the cementing paste bp not showing inside the inventory of the mortar, any advice in what I should do?

This is a pretty old post, Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure the way structures work now does not require the structure placer or player controller bp anymore.
Well put it this way, I made a custom fabricator, did not do the structure placer or controller. I jut copied the fabricator bp’s (storagebox, primalitem_inventroy & primalitem_structure), edited them how I want and then added my new fabricator to the “Additional Structures to place” section on the PrimalGameData_BP_Mymod. Works perfectly.