(Problem)Linking float to exec...

I’ve been trying to get my gamepad to work with the event graph. Everything worked fine until i tried to define a key to press the button instead of using the mouse.
The mouse on key works fine but when it comes to the gamepad, i cannot define the key to press it.

I’ve tried to make an axis and also an action input from the project settings but unfortunately i am unable to bring the input into the event graph which i have no idea why. Therefore i used an alternate solution of using the get player controller float value for the input.

But now i’m stuck on linking the float value to the exec value.
Any advise and help will be much appreciated.

Try something like this?


Nope, doesn’t work.

Btw, this is a widget blueprint.

Setting up UMG to work with the gamepad is a little different. Set up the input for the button in the project setting. In your controller, have a reference to the widget, create an interface for the widget if you want to simplify your blueprint. When the desired button is pressed it call the event in your controller. Setting up an interface allows you to send a message to that interface which will call the event in your widget. The event from your widget interface will cause the action you want.

Here are a few images from one of my projects. The first is setting up the buttons in an array, the second is the action called on the button press and switching between what “click” event to call depending on which button is selected. Finally, the last one is figuring out if there is another button to go to or if it should go back to the first one when the stick is more than .5 and it only does this once since the axis value is always called. You should probably set this up in the controller before sending the message to reduce overhead.

Thanks. I will try it out!

Got it working!! Thanks a lot for your help!!

Glad I could help.