Problem : Lerp change not gradual

I’ve been developing a first person character. Now the way I have it set up is if the character is crouched and if sprint is pressed then the character stands up and starts sprinting.

Problem : The change in height and speed while standing up for the fist time is gradual (as intended), but after that its is sudden.

I am quiet new to unreal engine, so any help is appreciated. Below is a link to the images of blueprint.
Crouch event : crouch01, crouch2
Stand up event : standup
Sprint event : sprint1, sprint 2

link text

I tried play form start but it doesn’t even stand and sprints while crouched.
As for a single timeline how would the conditions be set?

When you stand up to sprint, your stand up timeline goes from 0 to 1, and stays there. The next time you play it, it’s already at the point of 1, so it’s instant.

Try using the Play from Start pin maybe?

However, there might be a case when you press the sprint key when Stand to Crouch animation is still in progress; in this case, if you use separate timelines, the animation will be jagged. Maybe you should try setting all these things in one single timeline with several float curves and add some conditions to control which is used at which time.

I guess you can get away with one curve after all. With something like this:

Maybe it’ll fit your setup?

You can also change the timeline play rate at runtime, for instance to make the transition from crouching to sprinting faster; and you can add more checks, for example, if you release sprint and crouch is still pressed, to crouch automatically without pressing the crouch key again.

edit : the play from start stands up but doesn’t sprint until 2 additional presses of sprint

Works like a charm. Much obliged.