problem installing UE4 on win7, sp1 issue.

Hi, a bit of background, Ive been thinking of making a game for many years and a few months back i decided to give it a honest try since the game of my dreams has not yet materilized. was pleasantly surprised to see UE4 became free, saves me 20$! lol.

Today i got around to installing the software… except it wont install. im no PC novice but i have no clue how to get around this.

Problem: when installing, the install fails because i dont have “service pack 1” installed on windows 7. From my understanding SP1 is just a bulk file of all previous updates which i have. So as far as dependencies go i should have everything needed, it just didnt come in the SP1 container.

Solution1: Is there any way to trick the installer into thinking i have SP1? there should be no reason why my PC cant support it. (will not be installing SP1 unless i can rip out files from it before it installs). this is the solution i would most prefer.

Solution2: Buy windows 8.1 … Ive seen and used this thing they call an OS and frankly, im convinced its garbage. i know there are some workarounds to make the os more user friendly but i prefer my windows 7. i see that 8.1 does support more then 32GB and comes in 64bit flavors, which is a requirement for me.

Solution3: So since im getting this software installed one way or another, are there any other options?

Any help on this would be appreciated. im not in a major rush but i was hoping to get my first look at the software.

Hi Jener!

Maybe the first thing to try is a manual download + installation of SP1 from


Xenome has the right of it, and installing SP1 should be your first course of action. There is currently no way we can advise you to install UE4 without it, on Win 7. Further, if you managed on your own to get the editor installed without it, you’d be unable to install Visual Studio 2013, blocking you from C++ and code projects. You mentioned installing SP1 isn’t an option for you, so as to Win 8.1, they made some changes to make it more accessible to the user. 8.1 is probably your best bet if you can’t use Win 7 w/ SP1.

You need to ask yourself if you really hate SP1 (and I have genuinely no idea why you would) enough to forgo using Unreal Engine.

Then install SP1. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, Thanks for the help. I did indeed get it installed. after i posted here i tried again and it failed to install again. i tried once more… and beyond amazement it actually installed, though frankly im not sure why! To the downside of this as pointed out here, microsoft visual studio also requires the “sp1” container itself. they do not have the “ignore version number” option :confused: there may be a way around this but ive decided to just make a partition on my HDD and install windows 8.1 to it. i can upgrade it to window 10 later anyway(hopefully).

Just want to say, the service pack is not merely a container for updates past, MS takes the chance to add or change kernel and user mode APIs with service packs. Im pretty sure you are missing a lot of newer updates that would install if you had SP1 installed, if your Windows is directly connected to the internet you are exposed to real danger. You will see more updates are in need to be installed once you are done with SP1.

I feel the need to post this, from the Programmer joke thread:

That is totally relevant lol. bugs like this always annoy me. i prefer consistent errors :smiley: