Problem installing the new update

After i was installing the new update i opened my project and did some things , After that when i opened it again it said that i have to install the editor from the beginning and there is 0GP and when i opened the program files it said that the file space is 7.4GB

Hey ,

Have you tried clicking on the drop-down button beside ‘Launch’ within the Launcher? If so, please select ‘verify’ from that list, and see if this resolves your issue. If not, could you please provide some additional information so I can fully understand what’s going on with your project/Editor?

I appreciate any information you can provide, thanks! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any verfiy cuz i guess it is downloading the new version not updateing it , My problem is that i have the 4.7.4 version and i can run it from ue4.exe but the launcher can’t read it , i hope this is enough information

Hey ,

Has the newest update of the Editor finished downloading on your computer? If so, are you able to open it up from within the Launcher? Have you tried adding -OpenGL to the target line of the Launcher? You can simply do this by adding a shortcut to the Epic Games Launcher to your desktop, right-click and go to the properties. Once you’re there, you’ll see a “Target” line which you’d go to the very end of and add ‘-OpenGL’.

If you’re still not able to use the Launcher once the Editor has fully downloaded, you may need to reinstall the Launcher itself. Here is some documentation that may be useful for you regarding [troubleshooting the Epic Games Launcher][1].

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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No i stopped downloading it
, Btw how can i deleted the old one if the new one is finished

And btw i can use the launcher well , but the problem is with the editor

Hey ,

If you open the Launcher, you can actually click on the yellow drop-down button and click ‘remove’ for any version of the Editor that you do not actually want to keep on your system.

Now, regarding the issue with the Editor, are you able to open the Editor at all? I originally thought you were able to open the Editor by going through the binaries folder and opening UE4.exe. If you can open the Editor that way, then there is an actual issue going on with the Launcher, which we need to know about.

Have you had a to look over the TroubleShooting Guide?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

I will just finish downloading the new one thanks for your help , but i can’t actually delete the launcher that way , Because when i press the yellow arrow i don’t see the version so i want an other way please

Hey ,

Sorry, I thought you were trying to uninstall an older version of the Editor, not the launcher. If you want to uninstall the launcher, you’re going to need to uninstall it from your computer through the Programs and Features option within your Control Panel. Be aware though, it will likely delete the Engine as well. I actually haven’t uninstalled the Engine myself, as I haven’t had a need to. But I wanted to toss that thought out there, just in case.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks. :slight_smile:

I want to uninstall the 4.7.4 editor version that i can’t see on my launcher ,
Because i downloaded the 4.7.6 version and i want to deleted the 4.7.4 version with any damage to the new version

Hey ,

Oh, I understand now. When you update the version of the editor to a newer ‘hotfix’ of the same version, it overwrites it. If you had 4.5 installed, then you would be able to remove it by using the drop-down button. But since you have 4.7.6 installed, 4.7.4 has been upgraded to 4.7.6 instead.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

So if it is upgraded why my epic file in programs files is about 24GB ,
I thought that it would be something like 8GB , if i have both of the two version how do i remove one without damagin the other from program files

Hey ,

When you’re looking in your Epic Games folder on your computer, do you see other versions installed? My 4.7 folder is 11.8 GB and that’s with the most recent upgrade of 4.7.6. In total though, since I have quite a few different versions installed on my computer, the Epic Games folder in general is 93.1 GB.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

No i just have the 4.7 one , so i think they both are in the same folder ? + those 2 other folder , btw my 4.7 folder is 11.8 GB too

Hey ,

Which other folders are within the Epic Games folder? Is it DirectXRedist and Launcher? If so, that’s the correct folders you should have. My Launcher folder is quite large, it’s currently 50.4 GB. My Launcher folder seems to be large due to the backups of the Editor that’s located within it, which takes up a little over 15 GB and the VaultCache folder has about 35GB in it as well.

I hope this information helps you see the size difference within the different folders for the Editor and Launcher.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Okay then i guess i’m okay , thanks a lot for your help ^-^ ,
Sorry for asking a different question but can i test games made with unreal on pc ?

Hey ,

You’re very welcome for all of the assistance provided. :slight_smile:

You can test games on Windows, you’ll want to select the drop-down arrow beside the play button and select mobile previewer.

You can also hook up your device to your computer and Launch On to the device, which will push the game to your device to test your project out.

Hope this helps, have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:

Sorry for asking again :frowning: , but how do i test it on my device ? And thanks again .

Hey ,

Since this question differs from what you originally posted, it’s best for you to post a new question on AnswerHub in the future.

However, if you wish to test on devices, I would suggest following this [Epic Games Guide][1]. This will give you a step by step guide on how to set up for development and how to package your game for testing or shipping.

Thank you! :slight_smile: