Problem in world composition

When I add an adjoining landscape the new one is little higher than original.
ive deleted the new one and started over again several times. But still the same problem.
How do I fix this?

This bug is occuring for me as well (UE 4.24). What happens if you just add only components to a landscape and then separate it into a new level? What could help as well is if you reset the location of the corresponding landscape in the transform options of the landscape streaming proxy and then just try and play around+move that landscape in the world composition view.

I’ve to admit that the world composition/level streaming is really glitchy and can even crash the editor regularly (origin rebasing (solved in 4.25), adding landscape tiles etc.), at least in UE 4.24. I hope 4.25 will be more stable and less glitchy in this regard, because it is currently hardly possible to extend my game map beyond the state of my project as it was in UE 4.23.

yeah I know you can reset the components for the original landscape then it would probably line up. but ive already added a lot of foliage & I don’t want to start all over.
I really wish in world composition all landscapes would automatically line up with adjoining. this is a pain . im making an open world game also.
when I first started using wc my beginning level has a lot of houses,npcs,and stuff to make it look like a village. but shaping the landscape I cant add very high hills or deep valleys in it because of the setting I first used. oh well :confused:

wc has never crashed the editor for me. only landscape painting