Problem in using Vulkan. Packaging always avoids using Vulkan when making android builds

I’ve been trying for a bit of time to package an android project for Android ‘N’ that would also use Vulkan. However everytime I package, despite my settings, UnrealBuildTool will not attach Vulkan to it.

I have enabled Vulkan in the experimental tab by adding “bSupportsVulkan=true” to DefaultEngine.ini in the project folder.

I have ticked the boxes for “Enable Metal/Vulkan/High-end mobile preview rendering level in editor” and “Allow Vulkan Mobile Preview”.

I have the latest drivers for my graphics card, GTX 970. I have downloaded the android sdks using Nvidia Codeworks, and Android ‘N’ by using the sdk manager in the folder. I do have r12NDK, 1.7.0. JDK, Apache Ant 1.8.2.

I cannot launch UE4Editor with “-vulkan” as it leads to it crashing itself and the graphics card into recovery.

As a note, I do have build errors when I attempt build while having both tick boxes filled for armv7 and arm64 support.

Latest drivers = Vulkan specific drivers ?

Yes. From Vulkan Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer

Hey George,

Vulkan is only available via Source. The libraries are only included in Source. If you build the editor with the NDK or Vulkan drivers installed, you’ll be able to package with Vulkan support for Android as well as run your project in Vulkan. You’d have to run it with ‘-game -vulkan’ and that’ll run with Vulkan via PC Preview.

You are not able to launch the Editor in Vulkan, it’s not available at this time.


Thank you very much for your answer and time!

You’re welcome!