problem in stop timeline !

what problem in this node ?
i create a boolean (bool name is can ) and the value of this bool is false if character shot a bullet to xxx object the value of ‘can bool’ be true and the timeline begins
in the end ‘can bool’ value be false but timeline do not stop and play from start
what i doing ?

Hi Orache
There are 2 problems with your script

  • condition in branch node is on true, so it will always return true
  • you don’t restart this event, so timeline node don’t know when to stop
  • add condition to branch - “can” variable
  • add event “stop” timeline, you can directly add it to “stop” from timeline node or change “can” variable and add it to branch node

I made something simiral, check screenshot, I hope this helps

Good luck

yes ! its true :smiley:

oh one other problem
when i applied custom Physics to object -> object not explode Blow and just play timeline ??? can help me ???