Problem in starting a project

I’m new to the unreal engine and from day 1 I can’t start any projects. Whenever I start it freezes in 45% all the time .
please help me resolving this problem

What are the specs for your PC? It could be just taking a longer time to load to it because it’s buffering the assets that you’re trying to load. It also depends on the project that you’re trying to load. Are you trying to load a Standard Template(Third/FP)? If you’re trying to load a Bigger Project(like the Free City Park) it can take a while depending on your PC.

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It’s a gaming laptop with a Geforce MX230 graphic card and Intal i5 .honestly there’s nothing in the project I opened a empty project whice always takes time in compilie shader.


Yeah I would say it is due to your laptop GPU, and Ram I’m sure. Here are the UE5 System Requirements.