Problem in root motion

i created a jump animation in 3dsmax and imported it in ue4
it’s just like the like the image above ,my character jump high forward
then i created a montage for the animation and checked the ‘root motion’
However when everything is done and i hit the jump button in play mode
the character is just jumping in place,that all animation of the root bone disappers
just like the image below:
i hope anyone can tell me how to solve this problem thx:D

In your Montage, “Enable Root” Enables handling of root motion translation, cancelling out any translation applied to the root so that it can then be applied back to the character’s collision capsule. In other words, in UE4 you need to take the motion of the root away from the character animation and apply it to the character’s capsule instead.

See the “Setting Up Root Motion” in the following link: