Problem in 2D Side Scroller Game

Hi Everyone,

i’m tring to make a 2d side scroller endless run game, and I have 2 blue prints.

FloorBP and backgroundBP, i set them in GameMode to automatticaly generate another sprite every time that my pawn hit the collision box, the problem is the background and floor are in the same layer so i can’t see the floor because the background is blocking it.
My question is how can i generate my background and floor in differente layers or position?


Can’t you just set a different Y position for your background? Just alter it’s position in the viewport, or alter it’s transform location if you are spawning it.

Hi Jamendxman,

That’s exactly what I want to do, but I have no idea how, how can I change the position of that?
Do you have any example in how do it? I don’t know what node can I use.