Problem importing skeletal mesh exported with Blender using version FBX 6.1 ASCII

As a fix for a [rendering issue][1] I’m having, some users suggested to attempt exporting my skeletal mesh in Blender using the FBX 6.1 ASCII version, rather than FBX 7.4 binary:


After exporting using FBX 6.1 ASCII, UE4 fails to find any bone heirarchy when attempting to import the skeletal mesh into UE4:


The import works when I export from Blender using version FBX 7.4 binary, but then I run into [this issue][5].

Here is a picture of the mesh and the bone heirarchy:

Does anybody have any idea why the import fails when the mesh is exported using 6.1 ASCII rather than 7.4 binary? Thanks for any possible help.

Have you made sure that the armature is assigned to the mesh via an armature modifier? Here’s how I setup my scene. It’s very, very tricky to get UE4 and Blender to play nice. You’ve got to have everything setup just right.


Also, these are my export settings for exporting the mesh only. I suggest exporting each animation separately.