Problem importing from C4D to UE4 (lightmap)

So, i’ve been following Yama’s tutorial on how to export from cinema 4D to UE4 (, i made the two sets of UV’s in C4D, naming them 1 and 2, but i keep getting this result everytime i build my lighting, any ideas of what could be wrong with my mesh? also, i keep getting this message of two of my meshes having wrapping UV’s for the lightmap part, but i’m pretty sure they’re not overlapping, at least not when i export from C4D, any comment or guidance is well recieved!

My objective is to creat arch viz in a workflow from archicad>cinema4D>UE4, so far the Archicad+C4D part is all good, but i’m having serious trouble with the UE4 part hahaha

Open one of the static meshes in the content browser, in there you can set it to display the UV’s and there’s a dropdown box to change which UV channel to show, check to see what shows up and if there’s errors there.