Problem importing animation from IClone

Hi all
i have character and cloth created into Daz 3D, imported in Reallusion character creator and then in IClone.

Here iattached an animation from standard template, inported into UE4 i have strange problem playing animation, here a video with cloth problem, any help? best regards.


We are not sure what cloth problem you are facing, so we assume that you are asking for a better skin results?
If that is the case, we have two suggestions for you to try.

  1. Adjust skin weight in Character Creator
  2. If your clothing is already painted with soft cloth physics weight, you can try to export it again with IC 7.8 or CC 3.3
    We just released this patch today, and in this patch we will be able to transmit the soft cloths physics data.

Trial download the latest Reallusion software here


Reallusion Team