Problem: How can i create a reference from one Class to another?

You missing Engine.h include, but instead forward reference it

SetOwningPlayerPawn(class APlayerCharacter* PlayerCharacter)

And get engine.h inclusion in cpp file

I don’t know if that question is right, but i have an error…
I have created 2 c++ files… One Named PlayerCharacter and the second BaseWeapon

now i wanted to created inside of BaseWeapon .h a function called

`SetOwningPlayerPawn(APlayerCharacter* PlayerCharacter)`

But somehow he can’t find the PlayerCharacter…
Is it because my PlayerCharacter is in a Filter?
It works the other way round…

It can be so easy… Man thank you! :slight_smile:

I just sat for about an hour and couldn’t find my misstake…

THE STRANGe thing is that in the Shooter Game Example this “class” is missing… An idea why it works there but not for me? :slight_smile: