Problem getting surface type of a skeletal mesh

Hi! I’m creating a FPS shooter and now im working on the damage system. Technically i just shoot a line trace and it should detect what was hit (the bone parts is fine as i got it working), and do certain damage, spawning particles and playing a sound. But i want to do it different for the vests, for example, detect if the material of the vest is hit, and if so, deal less damage and play other sound/particle effect.

I tried doing that using surface types and i created 2 (Flesh, Body Protection) and assigned these for 2 separate physics materials (Flesh_PhysMat, BP_PhysMat), then i assigned the Physics materials to another 2 materials (Skin_Mat, Vest_Mat). Using the line trace to detect the surface type didnt work, as it just returns the flesh surface type, even changing it for the whole mesh didnt work.

Do you have collision on the vest?
Does the collision block the trace?

Oh hell, sorry, i even forgot i have access to this account.
The vest doesn’t have a self collision, it’s connected to the skeleton of the character (only 1 skeletal mesh), but it does block the trace.