Problem "get all widget of class"

I use a “get all widget of class” to open variables in a widget, but when I call the procedure the “Get all widget of class” blocks everything, while without everything working properly the backup is good.
My question is simple, what prevents the operation?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Do not trust the image, the “cast to SG” node is connected to “Create save game object”.

Try printing the output of the Get node after Get All Widgets of Class. If it doesn’t print anything, then the required widget does not exist at that point of time. If it does, then most likely it’s not of the type Jeux causing the cast to fail.

Hello Stormrage256,

I checked, there is a print there, out of the “Get” node, I then found that “get all widget of class” did not call the right class:(

After further conflict change in fact it was necessary that the Class be that of the “Jeux” and not “Data” as I had indicated, which allowed me to remove the “Cast To Jeux” and to make the link directly with the “get all widget of class”.
Thank you very much, without you I would have gone round in circles for a long time