problem from visual inspect


I made yesterday a flight, following a grid, and I process the photos with reality capture, latest version.

I also have measured 12 very precise (under 1 cm ) GCPs with a very precise total station.

As you can see in the next photo the results seemed to be very good.



But after inspecting the project I notice that one photo in the middle of one line of the flight  (red arrow), seems to be significantly higher from the others. This is not possible for a drone moving with 6 m/sec, to climb suddenly so high for one photo and then go back in the previous hight.

So for test, I tried the same set of photos in **** and everything all the photos seemed to follow a smooth line. I am also sure that the drone flight was very smooth.


How this could happen? From the problematic image, i see two GCP, which seems to fit very good.


Thank you.