Problem following a tutorial in docs.unrealengine

Problem following Setting Up Character Movement in Blueprints tutorial in…nts/index.html

Problem found “ON THIS PAGE” “5. Animation Blueprint - Idle and Walk States”.

The following graph seems impossible to recreate in Unreal Engine 4.24.3:

This is what is possible to recreate (in UE4.24.3), according to me:

In the blue circle there are the errors that will result if following the entire tutorial “Setting Up Character Movement in Blueprints” (available at:…nts/index.html) with the settings above.

These are the errors after pressing “Play and Stop”:

If “Play” is pressed, the Character will only Idle, except when “Jump” is pressed (it will walk).

No other animations are visible if the Blueprints are compiled and saved and “Play” is pressed.

Can somebody make an updated tutorial for Unreal Engine 4.24.3 of this tutorial…nts/index.html?

Thank you.

Use IsValid node at the start:

“Target Crouch Pressed” “Target Jog Pressed” “Target Prone Pressed” are also a problem. Do you know how to set them up?

What are the problems exactly?

Those who follow the tutorial (…nts/index.html) have to do this:

“Target Crouch Pressed” “Target Jog Pressed” “Target Prone Pressed” can’t be found in the new Unreal Engine version (4.24.3), but “Target Crouch Pressed” can be found and applied to the graph, as shown below:

I don’t know what provokes the problems [If “Play” is pressed, the Character will only Idle, except when “Jump” is pressed (it will walk). No other animations are visible if the Blueprints are compiled and saved and “Play” is pressed].

Maybe you can do the tutorial(…nts/index.html) and adapt it to the new version, and tell how you did it (or share the tutorial in a file)?

In the last image, you’re “self-setting” IsCrouching, IsJogging and IsProne, which means these variables aren’t changing, and therefore, no transition to other animation states.

Your cast is wrong. The cast should be to your character BP (then one you created) and not the “Character”. Change the cast, and you will be able to find those variable (CrouchPressed, …).

Hi. I will explain in a language everyone can understand. since there are people who doesn’t understand the word help.

The Jump pressed is already created by The Engine.
The others you have to create.

Go to your Character BP and create the IsJogging, IsProne, IsCrouching bools in the left side then you should have those nodes available to you but make sure you choose the set IsJogged under Default Menu when Searching.

Mine is Run

If he followed the turorial, then the problem is as @EvilCleric said, the CAST. He casted Try Get Pawn Owner to CHARACTER and not MYCHARACTER. and therefore, he can create all the variables he want in MYCHARACTER, but as long he doesn’t cast to MYCHARACTER, these variables will just keep not appearing.

Hello! And thank you all for your answers.

I did that trying to replicate the tutorial in the most similar way I could think of…

That is very kind of you, I truly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I already did that! Look:

There is a problem with the Cast, I can’t seem to Cast To MyCharacter (the Blueprint);


When I try to use the node Cast To MyCharacter in the Event Graph of the Animation Blueprint, I get no results:


This is why I used the node Cast To Character, because I didn’t find what needed, and thought it was the same but under similar name (I thought it had changed after updates). Instead, that’s not the case, and so the question is: How do I use the node Cast To MyCharacter into MyAnimationBlueprint?

Go to the event graph of the MyCharacter BP, see if you can get the cast node. If you do, then just copy it from there to the animation graph.

Woah! I just love it when things work just fine. The trick worked, thank you! :slight_smile:

But there are still some errors:

(I didn’t screen-shot all problems because they’re all similar or related to the same page).

Can you help me solve them?

For the warnings, you can go to the “Class Settings” and uncheck “Use Multi Threaded Animation Update”. However, this is will not solve the “Accessed None” error. So, to solve both the warnings and the errors, you will have to change a few things.
For example:

For the* jog_bs to crouch_bs (rule)*:

  • create a new bool variable, IsCPressed;
  • in the transition rule, replace the *GetPlayerController *and WasInputKeyJustPressed, with just IsCPressed
  • in the event graph set this variable:

For the idle_rifle_hip to walk_bs (rule):

  • create a new bool variable, IsInAir;
  • in the transition rule, replace GetPlayerController and* isFalling* with just IsInAir
  • in the event graph set this variable:

Great answer! I think it’s perfect!

Well, it’s *almost *perfect, since there is no *GetPlayerController *here:

And it might be obvious for some, but I think it would be better to specify that, this:

is indicated to be done in the Animation Blueprint, which in the case of the tutorial mentioned above (Setting Up Character Movement | Unreal Engine Documentation), is named MyAnimationBlueprint.

I am trying to solve the problem without checking “Use Multi Threaded Animation Update”. But I’m stuck here, now:

I don’t know how to set-up the Event Graph with IsValid, since I don’t understand the IsValid node. Will you help me, please?


*IsValid *is there to prevent the execution of all the graph, until the animation BP is able to get a valid reference to it’s owner.

Thank you! Problem is, it gave a huge list of errors:…

Made a little mistake in a connection. The connection between the nodes IsValid and IsInAir, should be from “Is Valid” output pin and not from “Is Not Valid” pin.

Ah, funny! Now, it gives no errors. Compliments to you :slight_smile:

For me, it didn’t work (no walking, no running, no prone animations) so I will have to restart it all over. Thanks to those who helped me go through these problems, the web will remember you for this help :slight_smile: @BaronPain @EvilCleric @NeoKaan