Problem exporting a separate mesh along with A.R.T mannequin into engine


I am using the default A.R.T mannequin for my animations. I want to add a mechanical arm mesh on top of the rigged mesh and export into UE4. I tried parent constraining my mesh to the joints of the mannequin but nothing shows up when I bring it into Unreal. All the animations look correct in Maya and the arms move correctly but only the mannequin shows up in engine with the animations. How do I export the extra mesh a long with the mannequin without adding joints or skinning the extra mesh?

Here are some screenshots that show what my scene looks like with the outliner.



You either need to rig the second mesh, as you described, or delete the old geometry from the mannequin and make your mesh a part of it and rig it appropriately. So far as I know UE4 will not import more than one object at a time. That is to say not as part of a ‘group’ for instance. BUT, if you do rig the mesh it gives you the option to attach/detach the mesh like say a suit of armor with the ‘Master Pose Component’ - which is very cool and useful.