Problem editing 2D Collision Shape (Sprite)

Hi there!

I just started with Paper2D and created a circle sprite. However, i want to use the custom collision shape and added a circle shape to the collision editor. But i dont know how to edit the position and size of the collision shape. It wont let me edit them… (Have a look at the screenshot)

Is it a bug in Linux? (I am on Arch Linux)
Unrealeditor is 4.9


Dont know why I cant change the settings in the details panel, but just use the transform widgets -> left click on one of them + hold it + drag it around. You can do the same with the scale and rotation :slight_smile:

yes, thx for trying. I tried (and did it that way now) with - per hand - transforming, but - under Linux (have no win/osx for testing) - i have very bad scaling ability.

It is somhow limited to some pixels to make the circle bigger with one “click and drag” action. (with the scale-action over every axis) I had to do about 30 scaling actions to increase the size of the collision shape to fit the colored circle. (screenshot)

Maybe i should make a bugreport for this.


That’S the snapping -> you can change that in the upper bar on the viewport - click on the number - choose another value :slight_smile:
Yep, report in on answerhub -> dont know if it’s a bug or somehow planned