Problem: "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run this engine"

I have the same problem, just updated to win 10 from 7 and insalled the latest unreal engine version
i have an old ati radeon HD 3450. dxdiag says i have DX12 with performance level 10_1.
unfortunarely there are no win10 drivers for my card…

is there a workaround to launch the engine?

i just need to make audio assets, no graphics! :slight_smile:

That only supports DirectX 10, it’s 13 years old, way below the minimum requirements to run UE4.

so there is no workaround??
can i install an old version of UE? i remember i was able to run it on my old win7.
i don’t need any particular feature to make my music assets…

No, UE4 has always required at least DirectX 11, it was the standard way back when it first launched. Though you could get a DirectX 11/12 card for very cheap, something that could meet the minimum requirement.

But it seems I have DX12 installed!

and i was able to run unreal engine (don’t remember which version) with win7…

You install the latest one but it is only going to use features up to DirectX 10. You can see right there that the card only supports DirectX 10.1

And again, a card that would work is very very cheap so it wouldn’t take much to upgrade

solved by buying a new card for 50€… :-/

hola me sale la error DX11 el nivel de funcion 10.0 es necesario para arrancar el motor del UE.24.4. Pero yo tengo DX12 y tengo incluido el nivel 10.0. Me podeis ayudar porfavor?

same issue there but mz dx have version DX12 and support DDI direct3D 11,1
some solutions?

What is your graphics card? And again, just because it says DX12 is installed doesn’t mean it’s able to run DX12

my unreal enginegives that error ı dont no what am need to do “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine”

It means that UE4 is trying to us a GPU that is not modern enough.
You may have DX12 installed, but your GPU may only be capable of running DX10.
If you unsure what is installed, you will need to check your system info and look this up.
If you definitely have something modern installed, make sure that UE4 is using it.