Problem downloading UE 4.3

My download is not starting


Hi Tarcisio,

Have you successfully downloaded previous engine versions before, or is this your first attempt at downloading?

Does anything happen at all when you start the download from the Launcher? Do you receive any messages?

Have you tried to restart the Launcher and try again?

Are you using Windows or are you on a Mac?


Windows first download, i’m re-install 3x

1 day rastart launcher

appears to wait after the version that is being installed does not appear in the launcher and more are back after a while

I have the exact same problem, however this is not my first install.
My subscription is active.
It also seems I cannot download anything from the marketplace.

I’ve reinstalled and uninstalled but nothing works. I also cannot download an older version. (Windows)

Resolved thanks

Hi Sandstrike,

It seems that Tarcisio is no longer experiencing the issue. If you are still in need of help, I would suggest creating a new post with as many details as possible. That will make it easier for us to assign support staff too.

Thank you,