Problem download dependencies (UE 4.7)

Hi people :).

I have a problem while batch file try download this last dependences:

Checking dependencies (excluding Mac, HTML5, Android)…
Received 0/1 files (58,5/611,2mb; 0,04mb/s; 9%)…

download is permanently reset when reach 400mb approximately, and batch can’t finish :C.
I try that program regenerate .ue4dependencies , but it’s same :/.

Thanks for you help :), and sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :c (i’m chilean)


Hi CptRenko,

If you’re getting engine from source via GitHub, there should be a Setup.bat file in folder. Did you run that first, before running GenerateProjectFiles.bat?

Yeah, in setup.bat is where problem is.

Which platform are you running on? Does it give you an error when it fails?

Windows 8.1 x64.
And doesn’t give me any error :confused:

It sounds like your internet connection is having trouble downloading one of files; particularly starter content pack, which is around 600mb. Unfortunately, those files are downloaded in one go, and it sounds like your connection is timing out and restarting.

If that’s only file that it’s having trouble downloading (I see it says 0/1 files), it should be okay if you run GenerateProjectFiles.bat with files that you have. I’ll investigate if there’s anything we can do to make download more robust.

Thanks you :).
I will do that…

I’ve just submitted a fix for bug which was causing it to not show correct error messages too.

I realize this post is very old, but while searching here concerning this same problem, I found this, so hopefully I can add something that may be helpful to team.

I’m not sure internet connection is problem.
problem was revealed on my pc in this error:
Checking dependencies (excluding Mac, HTML5, Linux)…
Updating dependencies: 99% (18300/18406), 3295.5/3296.6 MiB | 0.28 MiB/s…
Failed to download ‘
048178dd6d2b8872eea79/81594c92fcec0b95d7d0b47ad36aef8d2605c8b8’: specified p
ath, file name, or both are too long. fully qualified file name must be less
than 260 characters, and directory name must be less than 248 characters. (
Press any key to continue . . .
I downloaded file manually but had no idea where to put it.