Problem destroying a physics actor

Hi all. I am a beginner. Loving it so far. I’m hoping there is a tutorial for something like this. I have completed the flaming barrel tutorial but I can’t get it to work on a physics actor.

Basically, I have a ball rolling around and I want to shoot it, add a few particle effects and when its health reaches zero destroy it with additional particle effects and sound and such. The problem I have is that I can get the ball to produce particles when it touched the ground or another ball, but my bullets will not produce the particle effect. If i change the ball to static rather than movable it seems to work. I also cannot seem to get the health do go down and kill the ball. I am off to work now, but I will redo the flaming barrel tutorial tonight looking for anything i missed and post my blueprint if anyone asks.

I figured it might be a limitation of the physics actors? But that doesn’t seem logical to me.

Is it possible to make the ball, as a physics actor, destructible ?

Any help appreciated.

I have followed this tutorial and it works fine if i start in the sample FPS game.

I’ve started with the first person shooter ‘blue print’ template and I cannot get it to work. Does the gun in the template that shoots bouncing bal ls deal damage? that could be the problem. How do i ensure that the weapon is dealing damage ?

The guy in the tutorial says something about converting it to a physics actor, but never explains how.

Can someone explain why I cannot destroy this target? one of these is the projectile, one is the target.

Does it work if you projectile directly damages the thing it hits, rather than using Radial Damage? Does choosing a damage class make any difference (right now that pin is left unset)?

Somehow I solved it. When i changed the target collision preset to ‘block all dynamic’ it works. If I leave it at ‘physics actor’ or ‘block all’ I get nothing.

I have been trying to solve this for 3 **** days!