Problem defining maximum distance between players

Hello! I managed to do it… more or less. I did a camera that find the medium location of all possible players and move camera there. To keep players in screen I did a “square” that follow camera. The idea is that when a player touch one of those “walls” can’t move more far away. And it work.

So, just let me explain the problem.

Player 1 is pushing left wall to left. Player 2 is stopped. Player 1 can’t move to left because Player2 is at the limit in right wall. This is OK
Player 1 is stopped. Player 2 is pushing right wall to right. Player 2 can’t move to right because Player 1 is at limit in the left wall. This is OK

Player 1 is pushing left wall to left. Player 2 is pushin right wall to right. In this case walls should to forbid players move in the direction that they are trying move. But instead a player can move pushing all the wall and the other player.

Which player is the winner in this “rope competition”? Depend the position in the walls in the blueprint. If I move a bit to right a wall then is one. If move to left, then is the other.

Here is the Blueprint that move the Camera and the “Wall”:

Of course, and like always, I accept tip and sugerences. Maybe there is a really better way to do all this and I am complicating it so much or whatever.

Thanks so much!

Hello again. I finally find the problem: It is because the walls weren’t a perfect structure (I mean +x must be exact to -x ie). With a perfect structure it works, but it make the playable zone small, or atleast not exactly what I wanted.

After that I tryed check the distance and, with booleans, stop their movements when is too far away and let them back to correct their position:

It worked more or less good, but with diagonals it crash alot.

In resume… I need that players don’t go so far away between them, but don’t know how to do it. Any advice are welcome. Thanks!