Problem creating simple vehicle ai

So i tried to make my vehicle move in a straight line from a to b using the same set up tesla used to make the character pawn move to a target on the map but it didnt move. Am i approaching this the wrong way as the vehicle has wheels and therefore would require some acceleration parts added to the blueprint? or would I need some kind of behaviour tree in the long run? Ultimately im trying to add ai vehicles to race against.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
p.s i added a nav mesh bounds volume

if your persistent level pawn is not possessed, there is a high chance that your GetController will return None and then your move won’t work at all.
try to set it up properly, follow existing tutorials first to establish fundamentals.

ok thanks for your help, i’l give it another shot tonight now I know im on the right tracks. this was the tutorial I was following,
Also as far as i’m aware of there are no tutorials or documentary on this subject as 4.2 has just come out.