Problem create forest

Hi all,

I need help to create the forest
The trees are invisible…

Can someone help me?

Thanks for the support

Do you mean the trunk? -> it looks like the vertex normals are facing the wrong direction – which 3d tool do you use, because then I can post you a link how you have to do it :slight_smile:

It looks like Z fighting to me… Are you perhaps using translucent material? Try “masked” to see if that resolves the problem.

It is the trunk but also leaves
I use the normal tool of unreal engine(foliage)

To help you I have to know how your tree material looks like. Or just simply do this:
In the viewport on top left corner you will find this button “lit”, click on it and select shader complexity.

If your trees are turning completely red, then that means the shader is translucent, which causes the problem with the Z fighting.

If they are not turning red, you will have to see if faces of the tree model are not flipped, what mentioned.
To verify that, you could try to switch the material to two sided, if that helps to turn the mesh looking correct, then you will have to adjust the mesh in 3d package.

Other thing that could flip normals is the negative scale of the mesh, but I don’t think that’s the case.