Problem copying Blueprints

I am trying to copy the blueprint from the example project demo room into a new blank (with starter content) project to better understand how the level building process from BP works. However, when I migrate it; I get only part of the demo room and not the demo room blueprint itself. I verified the .uasset files are in the project/content folder but they don’t show up at all in the content browser and are thus not editable. I also leave everything selected.
I have verified that the migrate was successful and I also can verify that the files exist and are the same size in the folder.
I tried and export and import but that just gives an error about it not being a valid file.
Any help would be appreciated.

I would try migrating the DemoRoom folder itself instead of a single asset, that way you will get all of the assets in the folder + any other referenced assets. I have done this with one of my projects (I wanted a DemoRoom to test particles in) and was able to get it working without any issues by migrating the whole DemoRoom folder.

Hope that helps!