Problem controlling my character

Hi, I just downloaded UnrealEngine for a school project 2 weeks ago, I decided to make a New World where I created some random stuff.
It’s supposed to be a FPS game so I copy pasted the Blueprint from the Default FPS World and Imported it to mine. I mapped my axis bindings in project settings to the ones I wanted to have.

However when I import it with the skeleton mesh and everything I don’t spawn as my character.
I get this error:
Warning Invalid Simulate Options: Body (FirstPersonCharacter_79.CharacterMesh0) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible

I’m a noob when it comes to this and I have so little experience in this. I have watched a few tutorials but just cant get it to work. Does it have something to do with the blueprint. If so, what? :slight_smile:

I’ll be very thankful if you guys helped me out!


You said that you “imported it” and also said “copied it”. If you copied it, you might have missed some related parts, which are now missing? I suggest you use the “migrate” feature, which also takes care of all referenced stuff