Problem controlling animation blueprint

Hi, I’m probably missing something really obvious here but I haven’t been able to find an answer yet.
I’m trying to set a Anim blueprint variable from another BP, that, or get a variable from another BP. In the first case I can reference the anim BP with a variable, which I’ve made public and editable, and can access the anim BP variables from the node picker. In the second case I can access the variables of the BP from the anim BP with a reference to that BP. The problem is that when I drag the anim BP into the scene - in the world outliner it appears as a skeletal mesh and I can’t set the reference, either on the skeletal mesh, or use the skeletal mesh as the editable reference for my BP. I have the animation mode as “use animation BP” and the anim class set to the anim BP on the skeletal mesh.
So, I’m stuck. Anyone?

I managed to solve it with variables set on my player character, which was the only thing I could find to reference from the anim blueprint. If anyone’s new to anim blueprints and state machines this tute is great and has downloadable project files:
Unreal Engine 4 Animation Tutorial |](Unreal Engine 4 Animation Tutorial |

Thanks. I tried that, and it worked.
Here are some pictures if anyone’s interested.

Oh yeah, sorry about that. I guess I called it the letter_anim_BP because that’s what it was before I dragged it into the scene. There is a slight difference between the names. Letter_BP is it’s own thing which controls the letter_anim_BP by setting it’s Booleans and also lerping it’s position with a timeline.(I just had the begin play event for clarity) I’m new to this inter BP communication thing so I probably went about it a bit backwards :-/