Problem Cloth Collision

Hi all… I work actually on a caractere like old greek Hoplit and I have some problem I’d like to fix about it… Some aspect of physical clothed simulation I don’t master at all…

I modelized this one, a linothorax as ancient greek armor…

I have here the bottom part of the mesh… And I want about it that every strip move independantly with a collision system (you know, when the thigh hurt it while running, or move fight etc etc).

I tried the Soft cloth simulation with a Clothing Data, as expected the strips move like pieces of tissue (I add some wind just for test)…

But I want that each one move like rigid piece (and as you see above, have a better way to collide themselves… Cause here this is pretty ugly for the moment…)

I’m a big noob on collision in UE, especially here this is a little bit particular… So I ask for your light, if someone could enlighten me on a solution I would be very grateful !

Here is another noob to another. Try having bones for the stripes and “rigid body” them in anim BP. I have never tested this though.

The NVcloth didnt really cut the work for me. it will collide with other meshes that is not of its own physic asset.

Thanks for your reply

I had already thought and tried the Bone solution… That give a tortuous Armature just for some strip. But I will try again cause i’m not familiar with BP yet.

We can add some hitbox effect to the Bones via BP ?