problem chunk collision UE4 ?

hi all
How do I control Collision an object?
When I’m shooting wall to wall pieces are flung at great speed.
Or How can I give time to piece destroyed.
I thank you for your tips.

No one reply?

In the destructible mesh editor there’s an option for the maximum velocity under one of the menus. Just set that to a value like 100 and your pieces won’t go flying anymore.

thanks MaxL
I have a question?
What do I do now to fade fragment isolated.

Interesting question, it’s something I’ve been wandering too. I’ve got one thing that comes to mind:

#1: The destruction mesh editor will automatically include a new material slot when the mesh being fractured is a closed mesh (no openings), you will know that this has happened if your fractured mesh looks 3D rather than 2D. The material slot is applied to the new inside faces for each chunk.

#2: Create a new material with its blend mode set to additive so that when it fades, it does so with what’s behind it. Create a new scalar parameter call it ‘OpacityVal’ and connect it to Opacity.

#3: Use Time node or a blueprint to drive the alpha down over a period of time.

I haven’t tried it, but I reckon this is along the right lines. This only applies to the inner faces so you’ll probably have to change the fractured materials at runtime or use a branch statement in their materials to do something similar.