Problem: character controller and physics constraint in push and pull object

I try developing push and pull object mechanics but I stick in it because I can’t use physic constraint correctly and I can’t find tutorial or samples for pulling objects. First I describe my goals and what I did, after that I describe my problems.

My goal is moveable object hanged by player and when player move it, it slide on surfaces, rotate on slope surfaces and if it is on edge of platform, It fall so I add small primitive component like box or sphere to character for hanger and when player try interact with object and move it I instantiate physic constraint between moveable object and character hanger.

My first and big problem is when I fix many problem and my character able to push and pull object (no slope surface) after save all, close and reopen UE4 nothing work correctly. another problem is when character try push object on uphill, distance between character and object decrease.

How can I solve this problems and in general what is correct way to make joint between actor that use character controller and real physical object? Is any better way to handle this scenario?

EDIT: Add Configs screenshots