Problem changing level


I have a problem when I launch the game. I don’t know if this is a bug or I forget to activate something in the project options. I have some photos to explain better.

I have two levels, level1 and level2. Both of them have a menu created with UMG. Those menus have one button, when you click them, you change the level.

When I run this game with the play button of the engine, all works perfect, but when I run it with the launch button I get the error “InvalidURL” and the game bring me to the default map (in my case, level1). When I go into the launch folder I see that there are only the files level1.umap and m.uasset (the menu used in level1).

Can anyone help me?


Game packager is not aware of level1 and level2, so it doesn’t include them into final package. Follow the answer in this thread.

Thank you! That’s what I needed =D