Problem by Casting a Actor

Hello Guy’s,

I have a problem.

I call the Server_PickUpItem Event after a line trace in player blueprint.
Player is the Player and Item the Actor hit by the trace. (Basic_Item Blueprint).

if i print the string market with 2 i get the right name (like Server: Basic_Item) but if i try to print string market with 1 or 3 i only get the wrong result (Server: ).
If i make a “Cast to Basic_Item” on 4 it fails but the variable set in the Actor for “Spawn Class” is “Basic_Item C” so the Cast should not fail.

I dont find my fail, can someone tell me why this happens?

Greez DarkSoe

Hello :slight_smile:

Nobody have a idea ?

Got it. thanks

So… what was the answer to the problem?