Problem - Building Lightning Slow

Hey guys,

I am totally new in any engine, not just UE4, started about 3 days ago.
I have a few questions. I want to make RPG Game like Gothic 1-2 but obviously with better graphics :rolleyes: .
I work at the moment at the terrain and checkin out the vegetation + materials.
It is for me really important that the world is eye looking to the player, i mean, that it is somehow alive.

I created some space with some amount of vegetation and when i try to build lightning it takes a like 20-40min to render :stuck_out_tongue: .
Is it common? How can i render Lightning faster or how i build the terrain and vegetation so that it is more efficent ?

My FPS is now about 15-40 fps at this moment :smiley: So i think the vegetation is just to heavy or can it have another issues ?
The second is the lightning, i assume a good lightning just kill the fps !?

Some tips or some good guides for efficiency would be nice :slight_smile: .
I try a lot stuff by meself but with this “render” times it just kills my free time and i don´t get so much expierence cuz the most of time i am waiting.

Screenshots Terrain + Foliage/Vegetation (not much lighting, just kills os muc hmy fps atm :frowning: )

My PC: Xeon E3-1231 v3
8GB Ram DDR3
Radeon 7970 Ghz Edition 3Gb

I think i would assume that i do “to much”, but would be nice if there are some tricks ^^

That’s typical, on a complete level it could take quite a while to build lighting, like a day or more on a single machine.

K, and what is about the fps, how can ensure that the game is playable ? I don´t get over 50fps right now :frowning:

Need i less vegetation, or build the world with less possible meshes or is ligning that heavy.

Some advice to performance/efficiency would be nice.

Do you have culling set on your meshes/foliage? That is very helpful for things like grass. Use as few actors as possible, rather than using actors, try and use instanced static mesh components where possible.

U mean the view distance ? In my test at the moment u can barely see the outlines behind the scene, this wasn´t kinda big, so i am wondering which is the View Distance point so that the player isn´t annoyed to appearing meshes.

I my opinion it is only useful when i have scenes where u kinda can´t look much over the horizon so that it´s not look clunky.

framerate should improve once lighting is built, otherwise it has to use dynamic lighting for everything

I knew i made some mistakes :smiley: I used to much of these 4-8k Demo Assets so it´s clearly very heavy ^^ I´m planning to just use some 2k textures so that i can maintain healthy training in UE4, i thought it looked nice, and had no idea how “really” heavy these things are :smiley: