Problem Blackboard when make package

Hello everyone!

I have a rather strange problem, and I don’t know what to do. I have an enemy that has your AI, the typical, you see, you chasing and attacking you. Simple. The thing is, I have a Behavior Tree with an associated blackboard. The values of the blackboard change in the general actor of the Monster, where he has associated his Pawn Sensing, and when entering change states, and save the blackboard. All logic with blueprints.
The problem, is that everything works correctly in the editor, the behavior is what I want and the blackboard data have the correct parameters. The problem comes when I compile and do the package, everything works fine except the blackboard that does not receive parameters. I have put a few print strings and it enters where it has to enter, it does not assign the variables well. But, the point is that in the editor works fine!

Any suggestion?