Problem attatching animated weapon as a socket to animated character !!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone, so I’m trying to attach an animated weapon skeletal mesh as a socket to an animated character’s hand but I can’t get the gun to be positioned in the character’s hand without it messing up the animation controls when the character walks/jumps etc … when i place the gun onto the socket, the gun isn’t positioned in the hand as so …

so I edited the hands socket's relative location so that the weapon was positioned/rotated into the correct spot of the hand ....... however once i did that even though it positioned the gun correctly when testing the game .... it messes up all the animation controls : when hit the jump button the character jumps way too far to the side/ when hit forward goes backward etc ... Does anyone know how to fix this problem ???

Side note : I am using a character rigged in 3ds max which I brought into motionbuilder and applied motion capture and using the 3rd person template in unreal using the animation blueprints and blendspace 1D

is the Weapon grip in the 0.0.0 in the fbx file? and facing X+ ?

it seems to be facing in the Z + and not centered on the origin … but if it was then it wouldn’t be in the characters hand so how would that work exactly? and the gun is animated to follow the characters hand as well

When you use socket you don’t need animate the weapon, it use the animation of character. If the weapon is animated you don’t need use sockets, play both animations at the same time( but it is not the “unreal way”)



okay well … when i use socket i exported the gun fbx with no animations and i made sure the handle was facing z + and zeroed out but when i apply it to the hand socket its not in the characters hand still though … unless i change the relative location which like i said screws up the controls when i move the character inside the game … do you know why that is ?

  • made sure gun handle was facing x + that is not Z +