Problem Applying SweepSingleByChannel on a target

I am trying to perform SweepSingleByChannel on an actor’s location by placing a box around it. My DrawDebugBox works fine but the SweepSingleByChannelDoesnt Seems to be behaving properly.

void ATile::TrialBounds(AActor* ActorToTrial)
	FVector Origin;
	FVector Extend;
	FHitResult HitResult;
	ActorToTrial->GetActorBounds(false, Origin, Extend);
	bool hashit = GetWorld()->SweepSingleByChannel(HitResult, Origin, Origin, FQuat::Identity, ECC_GameTraceChannel2, FCollisionShape::MakeBox(Extend));
	FColor ResultColor;
	if (hashit) {
		ResultColor = FColor::Red;
	else {

		ResultColor = FColor::Green;
	DrawDebugBox(GetWorld(), Origin, Extend, ResultColor, false, 100);

Below is what happens in the game

Ideally, the sack on the left should be highlighted with a red box indicating that the box has hit the wall. I have checked the wall to ensure its collision setting blocks the trace channel used.

My guess is that i have implemented the SweepSingleByChannel function wrongly, would be grateful if anyone can point out my mistake