Problem ambiant atmosphere in little piece


I have a big problem in my scene. I have a texture in two different pieces. On my screenshot, wood texture is ok to left, but to right all the piece have this wood texture on roof and wall and the ambiant color become orange. Why ? Two hours i try to resolve that. Just directionnal light pass through a lightmass portal


It could depend on the lighting conditions. If you have the sunlight bouncing off a white surface, it would look like the left picture. If you have it bouncing off an orange surface, it might look more like the right picture.

Some checks:

  • What’s your lighting set-up? If you’re using a sun that has a low position, it may create a ‘sunset’ ambient color when baked
  • any post processing volumes and their ambient lighting colors / intensities
  • any lights in the scene, check their lighting colors, bounces
  • may also be a light bouncing off of an orange material / sky sphere

also check your reflexion capture box or sphere…
show us more capture of the whole scene in lit and wireframe mode please